About Me

I am an independent designer maker of jewellery and glass and work from my studio in Royal Leamington Spa. Working in both silver and gold jewellery I like to create my own unique collections as well as designing bespoke pieces for private clients.

My passion for nature and architecture is evident with the subjects that I chose for my pieces. Birds represent an individual’s quest for liberty, whereas my honeycomb and bee collection hints at the ever widening networks and social connections that we have with each other and how intrinsically linked we all are.

I have a passion for glass and the qualities that it evokes.I use traditional kiln fired and fused glass techniques and combine them with the modern processes of digital photography. Once again my passion for nature, trees and the natural environment comes through in my use of winter tree photographic imagery which I fuse within layers of glass. I am also fascinated by architecture and the urban landscape which originated during my early University years studying the Urban environment. I am particularly intrigued by the relationship between humans and the environment that they create. I really enjoy using my own photography of cityscapes and architecture, often taken from an unusual perspective to illustrate different and alternative perspectives on the cities we inhabit.

I am fortunate in that my work has been exhibited in the UK and the United States and I have also created bespoke collections for clients as far away as Hong Kong and Singapore.

I was also commissioned to make a bespoke collection for the British Museum, London.

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